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10 Reasons People Choose a Gastric Sleeve

Many Americans struggle with high body weight, and the health problems that often accompany it. Often, diet and exercise alone are not enough to overcome the issue. However, there is hope for those that are struggling with obesity. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a type of bariatric surgery that has helped many people achieve long term success with weight loss.

gastrectomyReasons People Choose a Gastric Sleeve

Imagine eating a small serving of food and feeling satisfied, instead of battling cravings to eat more. That's what sleeve gastrectomy can help with. The procedure reduces the stomach to about 15 percent of its original size, so you'll feel full after only a small meal.

People with a body mass index of over 40, may find that diet and exercise alone will not be enough to lose weight. In these cases, sleeve gastrectomy can be an excellent option for weight loss. With the surgery, you'll find there are many benefits that extend beyond simple weight loss. Obesity can have a profound effect on our health, and when we're able to lose the weight, we often find that many other health problems resolve as well. With sleeve gastrectomy, you may be able to lose a substantial amount of weight, but there are many other health problems that sleeve gastrectomy can help. Here is a list of some of the health benefits you could see after sleeve gastrectomy surgery:

#1: Reduction in Type 2 Diabetes

Sleeve gastrectomy may help to control type 2 diabetes. Some patients have even shown a complete resolution to their illness. According to a study by the Department of Surgical-Medical Digestive Diseases at the Sapienza University of Rome, in Italy, up to 80.9 percent of patients that undergo sleeve gastrectomy experience a remission of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the first 36 months after surgery.

According to The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, the positive effects are due to both weight loss, and changes in the gut hormones that favor improvement in diabetes. In 2011, the International Diabetes Foundation recognized that bariatric surgery should be considered early in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

#2: Improves Sleep Apnea

Many studies have shown that a sleeve gastrectomy surgery can improve sleep apnea. In a 2016 study by The American Society for Bariatric Surgery, 36 patients who underwent a sleeve gastrectomy surgery were followed for five years to study the effect on their respiratory function and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. The study found an improvement in 80.6 percent of patients.

health benefits with gastrotectomy#3: Reduced Blood Pressure

Many patients who have undergone sleeve gastrectomy have found an improvement in hypertension, and that they no longer need their blood pressure medication. A study published by the American Heart Association Journal stated, "A randomized trial specifically examining individuals with obesity and hypertension has further suggested potential benefits of surgery for both remission of hypertension and reduction in the number of antihypertensive medications."

#4: Improvement of Cholesterol

Researchers agree that sleeve gastrectomy surgery can improve cholesterol readings. In a research article, published by the Journal of Obesity, they stated, "This systematic review shows that longitudinal sleeve gastrectomy has a significant effect on hyperlipidemia, producing resolution or improvement in most of the cases. Therefore, longitudinal sleeve gastrectomy remains a viable surgical option for weight loss and reduction in co-morbidities such as hyperlipidemia."

#5: Increased Fertility in Women

A higher body weight can contribute to infertility in women. Obesity can also cause menstrual disturbances, and an aggravation of ovulatory disorders. Losing weight can often reverse these problems. Many women who under bariatric surgery have found that they have an easier time achieving pregnancy after weight loss.

#6: Reduction of Joint Pain

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery can have a profound effect of joint pain, especially knee pain. At the 2017 World Congress on Osteoarthritis, Dr. Jonathan Samuels reported on his observations of the effects of bariatric surgery can have on patients who suffer with knee osteoarthritis. Samuels said, "Post-bariatric surgery changes in inflammatory biomarkers, especially leptin, may help to explain the symptomatic relief of knee pain- and potential joint preservation." In his study, Samuels found that patients who underwent sleeve gastrectomy had the greatest reduction of knee pain. 

Benefits of sleeve gastrectomy have also been found on patients suffering from head, neck, shoulder, and low back pain, as evidenced by a 2015 study by the Antalya Education and Research Hospital.

#7: Fewer Migraines

Obesity has been found to be an exacerbating factor in migraine headaches. However, studies are showing that patients who undergo bariatric surgery have a reduction in migraines. According to a study from The Miriam Hospital, "Severely obese migraineurs experience marked alleviation of headaches after significant weight reduction via bariatric surgery."

#8: Relief of Depression

Because of poor body image and social isolation, many obese people find themselves also struggling with depression. A higher body weight can also mean that you're not able to participate in activities that you would otherwise enjoy. Many people find that the weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy surgery can improve their emotional health.

#9: Reduction in Asthma

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery may help control asthma symptoms. Many patients who have undergone the surgery and subsequent weight loss, have noticed a dramatic improvement. According to a study by the University of Michigan Medical Center, "Bariatric surgery decreases the intensity of medications required to control patients asthma symptoms." Their study found that among 257 asthma patients who participated in a one year follow-up survey, 13 of 28 who had initially used oral corticosteroids for symptom control, no longer required them, while the use of inhaled corticosteroids decreased from 49.8 percent to 29.6 percent.

#10: Lower Cancer Rates

weight loss surgeryObesity can put you at risk for a number of cancers, but with sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the risk of cancer can be minimized. Studies of cancer rates after bariatric surgery tend to be focused on specific cancers, rather than a general cancer rate. However, we do have evidence that several cancers can be reduced with weight loss, following surgery. A study by the University of Virginia, found that bariatric surgery is independently associated with a decrease in the development of colorectal cancer. According to Clinical Oncology News, "[A] new U.S. study shows... that colon cancer-along with postmenopausal breast and endometrial cancers- declined substantially after bariatric surgery."

Start a New and Effective Weight Loss Journey

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery can benefit many aspects of your life. You may find that activities you used to dread, after surgery and weight loss, you're able to do with ease. The health issues we listed above are only a starting point in the charges you could see in your body, health and overall life. Contact your local medical weight loss center for more information and to find out if sleeve gastrectomy is right for you.



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