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Medical Weight Loss: When Dieting and Exercise Aren't Enough

You've tried everything, or so it seems. Keto, Atkins, Weight Watchers, calorie counting, paleo, vegan, and so many more countless "diets", all for nothing. You were told to "eat less and move more" so you joined a gym. Even with the addition of routine exercise, nothing seemed to keep the weight off. Sometimes the scale would drop 5 pounds, but it always came back, sometimes with more weight to accompany it. If this sounds familiar, medical weight loss may be the solution you have been searching for all this time. 

dieting and exerciseWhy Diet And Exercise Isn't Always Enough

There are a lot of reasons why people cannot lose extra weight with only diet and exercise. Genetics play a large factor. Hormone imbalances can cause you to gain weight, as can a predisposition towards diabetes. For many, genetics are not something they can overcome on their own. Add in other factors like stress, the fact that it's simply hard to diet, the physical difficulty of shopping for and preparing healthy food, and diet and exercise does not always work on their own. However, you want to get healthy. So, what should you do?  

Consider What You Know About Medical Weight Loss

The inability to lose weight is not just a failure of willpower. Rather, for many individuals, weight loss is a multifaceted problem that requires a multi-pronged approach. Many doctors overlook things that could be contributing to your weight gain, including sleep apnea, diabetes, depression, anxiety, or even medications for other conditions that make you gain weight. When you understand that gaining weight is a result of more than just the food you eat, it is easier to develop a successful treatment plan. Medically supervised weight loss does just that, determining what paths will be most successful for you. This will also help you succeed in keeping the weight off! Your medical weight loss journey may include any of the following options.

Band to Gastric Sleeve Revision

For some people, bariatric surgery doesn't work the way you would like the first time around. Whether you had complications or you did not see the weight loss you hoped for, band to gastric sleeve revision option may be for you. The reasons you may seek a revision surgery are often complex, so we recommend consulting with our professionals to see if this is the right option for you. When you schedule an appointment with surgical professionals, they will be sure to cover all the relevant information about the procedure, including discussing the reasons why or why not it may be a viable option that could lead to success on your weight loss journey.

medical weight lossGastric Sleeve

If you are overweight but not affected by complications from your weight, you may find the gastric sleeve to be the best option for you. A sleeve gastrectomy procedure reduces the size of the stomach, changing it to a narrow tube. The new stomach is much smaller than the original, and therefore produces less of the hunger hormone. This option may not be for everyone, so it is recommended that you discuss it with a medical professional. 

Gastric Bypass

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is designed similar to a gastric band procedure. It's aim is to reduce the amount of food you are able to eat. Unlike the band, this procedure is permanent, which helps many patients achieve and maintain their weight loss goal. 

Duodenal Switch

If you are not sure if a gastric band is the procedure for you, you may want to consider a duodenal switch. This special surgery removes part of your stomach by taking it out of the digestive pathway; a small piece of your intestine is utilized to bypass your stomach for much of the food you consume, which lowers the amount of calories you are able to absorb. Advantages of this surgery include the ability to eat larger amounts of food, reduced food intolerance, and generally faster weight loss than other surgery types. This could lead to longer, more sustainable weight loss, depending on several factors. 

Is Medical Weight Loss For You?

As the population struggles more with weight-related problems, more people will find that trying out diet and exercise may not be the most effective tool for long term, sustainable weight loss. With options such as gastric sleeves, bands bypasses, robotic assisted surgeries, duodenal switches, and even gastric revisions, an experienced medical professional can help you develop a treatment plan that can bring you closer to your goals. For more information on the options near you, contact a medical weight loss facility near you.



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