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How to Tighten Loose Skin after Gastric Bypass

Congratulations on taking steps to improve your health! Gastric Bypass is a big step to take on your quest to becoming healthier. As you recover, work with your doctor on a plan to heal. You will... Continue Reading

How To Reset Your Stomach After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

When you decide to undergo gastric sleeve surgery, you only anticipate one result-weight loss. However, what happens when you notice weight gain after the surgery? Weight gain and stomach stretching... Continue Reading

Recovery Timeline After a Gastric Sleeve Procedure

If you've ever found yourself in a position where losing weight is difficult, or even seems impossible, we understand. Depending on your current condition, potential health problems, and physical... Continue Reading

Revision Surgery After Gastric Bypass - What to Know

Enduring gastric bypass surgery only to come out of it with an undesired result or additional complications is hard on patients both physically and mentally. While this scenario does happen from time... Continue Reading

A Typical Gastric Bypass Surgery Patient

As a patient going into surgery, it's important to know what is going to happen when your procedure begins. You want to have an understanding so that you can better take care of yourself post... Continue Reading

Mealtime While Being On A Gastric Bypass Diet

Gastric bypass surgery can completely change your life. Though everybody's situation is unique, the numbers indicate that it is an effective weight loss tool for many people: the average weight loss... Continue Reading

Is The Gastric Sleeve The Safest Weight Loss Surgery?

We all know losing weight is difficult and keeping that weight off long-term can be an even bigger struggle. If your weight is affecting your quality of life and normal diet and exercise aren’t doing... Continue Reading
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